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 Jennifer Tefft and the Strange NEW ALBUM release "Strange Beginning". Drops 5/17/24. Jennifer Tefft's music comes in many flavors. Accomplished solo acoustic artist, rocking as The Jennifer Tefft Band, and now that full band sound has grown even further with her new band formulation, Jennifer Tefft & The Strange.  I have followed Jenn's music longer than I have had a radio show and can attest to a steady string of amazing music in a wonderful catalog you should just go invest in. Her unique, harmonious voice is a hallmark in her music. Her and john Paralillo on guitars are so tastefully stated. Rock, ballads, Melodies that just carry you away. superb. Her new Rhythm section feature's Stephen “Sharky” Beccia on Bass and Chris Georgenes on Drums. I've seen her bands over the years and I am here to tell you that there is a synergy among the current members that have got something special going on here. So there's a new album coming out in a few days call