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New Band Alert - The Electric Aces

 Author: Adam Signore (01/29/23) I had the distinct pleasure to attend the debut performance of a new Central MA band called the Electric Aces.  The band is the brainchild of guitarist Chris Seremetis, who sought out players who could share his vision, collaborate and perform at a high level. Lizzie Leis, who I have had the pleasure seeing perform many times brings her thunder on vocals, Area veteran Dan Carter is pounding on bass. All three are veterans of the local cover band scene, Chris from ELEVEN, Lizzie from Project Alice, and Dan from Gloomy Sunday. All bands I have seen BTW. After a lengthy search for a new drummer, Nick Irvin was brought aboard. This is Nick's first band. While the band is very new, the players are not. The Electric Aces had their first rehearsal in late August 2022, and their first 3-song EP Powertrip was recorded in November at Jeff Instasi's studio (Six To One fame). Bad Marriage's Mike Fitz was brought in to mastered the tracks. The EP is a mo

2022 Boston Music Awards

 Author: Adam Signore (1/28/2023) This past December, The Original Music Showcase on Mark Skin Radio was honored with a nomination for Best Podcast/Radio Show Of The Year at the Boston Music awards. It is absolutely thrilling to be recognized for the efforts this category represents and be included with such other great local shows.  The Boston Music Awards Nomination Committee is an absolutely enormous entity rumored to be made up of over 400 Boston music scene insiders. Musicians, promoters, Radio DJs and more. To end up as a nominee you really have to get known for your craft across a wide range of people. The BMA's have been around since 1987 and has annually recognized musicians in just about all genres, promoters, photographers, radio shows and this year saw the inclusion of Spoken word artists.  Part of the Boston Music Awards mission is to grow the community with shows throughout the year. Of course the awards ceremony is a culmination of efforts and what I will focus on he

The Original Music Showcase - January 27th, 2023

 Author: Adam Signore (1/28/2023) First post about the Original Music Showcase. First post on this blog. Lots of shows on Mark skin Radio and the hope is for lots of info at this blog! Hey folks, If you're new to the Original Music Showcase (The OMS) this is a 2 hour program featuring local indie music primarily from Boston and New England that is almost 6 years old. Lots of great music comes to MSR & The Showcase every week so I want to put pen to paper as it were for folks to keep up with some highlights from the show. This first writing is far from complete and really is a few select highlights covering quite a period of time! I could write War & Peace on this topic.  JVK : For this first writing going to give a wide ranging offering but as time goes on will probably be more focused on show to show info. But for today, lets start by talking about JVK , a killer band on the Boston scene that I would like to see getting more light and love shined on them. Check out the mus

Mark Skin Radio

Author: Adam Signore, 01/25/2023 Hey, every good blog starts with a first post so here it is. If you don't know about Mark Skin Radio, may I invite you to check out our website, tune in anytime by clicking that little red "Listen Live" button and please browse around the site to see who our DJs are , our Mark Skin Radio programming schedule and lots of other info about us. We currently have 16 active DJs who bring a variety of influences and taste to their shows. Our DJs broadcast live and many take requests during the show! Mark Skin Radio is not a podcast! There is no "On Demand" listening. Keep up with our schedule to know what times to tune in. Truly internet "Radio". All DJ's program their own shows. there is no programming director or corporate task master here. Just a love for music presented in a Freeform Rock, commercial free environment. All our DJs take pride in supporting our local scenes and on each show you will h