Mark Skin Radio

Author: Adam Signore, 01/25/2023

Hey, every good blog starts with a first post so here it is. If you don't know about Mark Skin Radio, may I invite you to check out our website, tune in anytime by clicking that little red

"Listen Live" button and please browse around the site to see who our DJs are, our Mark Skin Radio programming schedule and lots of other info about us.

We currently have 16 active DJs who bring a variety of influences and taste to their shows. Our DJs broadcast live and many take requests during the show!

Mark Skin Radio is not a podcast! There is no "On Demand" listening. Keep up with our schedule to know what times to tune in. Truly internet "Radio".

All DJ's program their own shows. there is no programming director or corporate task master here. Just a love for music presented in a Freeform Rock, commercial free environment. All our DJs take pride in supporting our local scenes and on each show you will hear lots of deep tracks from up and coming bands.

Bands are encouraged to listen to some shows and see what ones would be a good fit. Feel free to contact DJs directly or through out websites submission guidelines.

Listeners, of course tune into your favorite shows at showtime but you may not be aware that for every show currently airing you will find on our Mark Skin Radio Facebook Page a post pinned to the top of the page with it's corresponding graphic. Comment there to make requests, say hi or ask a question.


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