The Original Music Showcase - January 27th, 2023

 Author: Adam Signore (1/28/2023)

First post about the Original Music Showcase. First post on this blog. Lots of shows on Mark skin Radio and the hope is for lots of info at this blog!

Hey folks, If you're new to the Original Music Showcase (The OMS) this is a 2 hour program featuring local indie music primarily from Boston and New England that is almost 6 years old. Lots of great music comes to MSR & The Showcase every week so I want to put pen to paper as it were for folks to keep up with some highlights from the show. This first writing is far from complete and really is a few select highlights covering quite a period of time! I could write War & Peace on this topic. 

JVK: For this first writing going to give a wide ranging offering but as time goes on will probably be more focused on show to show info. But for today, lets start by talking about JVK, a killer band on the Boston scene that I would like to see getting more light and love shined on them. Check out the music of JVK on Spotify, Absolutely love the vibe of this band. The music is just amazing. Check it out. Check it out. Check it out! JVK is the brainchild of artist Joanna Krieger.

Paper Tigers: Another band that you should be checking out is Paper Tigers. Go listen to their tune "Portrait Of a Scene" at the Paper Tigers Spotify Page. If you go way back in their catalog you'll find a tune called Harvard Ave which will thrill any Boston music lover. Paper tigers is vocalist Michael Medlock, guitarist Bjarki GuĂ°mundsson, bassist Matthew Hughes and drummer Ben Cuthbert

Feverslip: A fairly new band, with a new album on the horizon is Feverslip from Maine. built on the DNA of Red Sky Mary, Liv'n Brilliant, Victim of circumstance, This band harnesses some of the best talent north of the MA border. I got a cowbell and the only prescription is more Feverslip! Listen here! Feverslip is: Sam Vlasich – Vocals, Jordon Brilliant – Guitar, Liv Lorusso – Guitar, Brad Hartwick – Bass and Harrison Foti – Drums.

Eric Downing: Long time MSR listeners will be very familiar with The Cast Irons, a band we love dearly and were sad to see go. but rising out of that is the solo work of Eric Downing who's first single release "Wave Goodbye" will simply blow you away. Listen Here!

Crow Follow, what to say about crow Follow. their spacey yet rocking originals are low and swampy with an extra big wiff of Ether. Ethereal hard rock? do yourself a favor and check out their new album, Red Velvet Radio on Bandcamp! Crow Follow is: Tim Sprague Vocals & Guitar, Agent Judy Vocals, Percussion, Guitar, John Keegan Baritone Saxophone, L. Ramona Herboldsheimer Drums & Vocals, Carolyn Jean Corella Bass

Bogwrought: If you like swampy metal please check out Bogwrought from Plymouth, MA. These guys hit my sweet spot for this genre. The band just added vocalist Carrie Brum to the line up and new music is imminent. Take a listen here.

Bogwrought is comprised of Carrie Brum - lead vocals, Zak Welch - lead guitar, Matthew Benoit - rhythm guitar, Cyrenus Paquin - bass and Tim Cunningham - drums

Well, that is enough for today, will post again soon as bands return to my aging braincells and down the road the posts will be more "Show Centric". Keep up on a weekly basis by tuning into the Original Music Showcase on, Friday's @ 6pm est


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