2022 Boston Music Awards

 Author: Adam Signore (1/28/2023)

This past December, The Original Music Showcase on Mark Skin Radio was honored with a nomination for Best Podcast/Radio Show Of The Year at the Boston Music awards. It is absolutely thrilling to be recognized for the efforts this category represents and be included with such other great local shows. 

The Boston Music Awards Nomination Committee is an absolutely enormous entity rumored to be made up of over 400 Boston music scene insiders. Musicians, promoters, Radio DJs and more. To end up as a nominee you really have to get known for your craft across a wide range of people. The BMA's have been around since 1987 and has annually recognized musicians in just about all genres, promoters, photographers, radio shows and this year saw the inclusion of Spoken word artists. 

Part of the Boston Music Awards mission is to grow the community with shows throughout the year. Of course the awards ceremony is a culmination of efforts and what I will focus on here. I have been to a few of the awards events, once with a photo pass, once as a nominee (with a photo pass :-) and what I always walk out of that event with is a glow of comradery. The event has folks from many of the disparate scenes in the Massachusetts area who come together under one roof and support each other. It is rather stunning to see blues folks jumping to a hip hop song and rap folks howling for a swampy blues band. Really reminds us that we are all one.

So every year sees performances from nominees and all are always so entertaining. I'm going to run through this years performers in no particular order.

Amanda Shea: Amanda is a spoken word performer and winner in that category this year. Her performance at the awards ceremony was moving and poignant. she is a renowned spoken word and multidisciplinary artist, educator, mentor, activist, publicist, power networker and mother. She knows, loves, and uplifts artists all over Greater Boston across New England. A true pleasure to see perform.

Alisa Amador: Alisa is a Boston based Latin musician who has been on the stage since about 5 years old. Her performance at the awards show was beautiful, entertaining and funny. Her ease onstage was clearly evident when she had to retune her guitar and basically turned it into a  song itself.

The Salem Wolves: It was a fabulous surprise to see Gray Bouchard and band come out on stage. I have known and played this band on my show for many years. The Salem Wolves ar a scorching Boston rock band

Aaron & The Lord: Aaron & the Lord is the Boston based rock band brainchild of Aaron Perrino. The band put on a riveting performance at the show. One of those bands that exemplifies what Boston rock and Roll is all about.

Stefan Thev: Stefan Thev is an amazing rock performer with some music having a glorious new wave feel to it. My first time seeing him perform and loved it! As I did all the performers.

Kei: Kei is the pure definition of energy. A true spitfire rap artist. Had the house pumpin and jumpin throughout her whole set. First time seeing her and was totally floored.

GA-20: GA-20, Pat Rick and Matt Stubbs. I have been following these guys for years. Seen Matt perform several times. Was pumped when they walked out on stage. I tell for a band with two guitars and a drummer, yes no Bass player GA-20 is thunderous! People of all groups took notice at this performance.


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